Affirmations: Build Yourself Up In Faith

Affirmation builds faith.

Affirmation builds faith.

To build yourself up in faith means that you have to do something to increase your faith. See if this helps:

I know that Jesus died and rose from the dead — for me.

I know that I have asked Jesus into my heart to be my Lord and Savior.

I know my sins are forgiven and I am clean.

I know that I am filled with the Holy Spirit.

I know I belong to God.

I know He loves me passionately.

I know I am rooted and grounded in His love.

I know God has a destiny for me that I will love.

I know that I have peace because I have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I know all of heaven is open to me.

I know I’ve been given all wisdom.

I know I have all authority to speak in Jesus’s name.

I know the devil must leave me when I rebuke him.

I know that I can pray for the sick and they will get better.

I know I can pray for miracles to happen, because God loves me.

I know I can ask for more from God and He will give it, because He wants to bless me.

I know that God wants to bless me.

I know that He is a good Father.

I know that nothing is impossible with God.

I know He can do anything…anything.



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