All Things Are Possible In Faith

All things are possible with God.

Believe for impossible things.

With one touch, Jesus made what was defiled, cast aside, and corrupt healthy, blessed, and holy. If He could do that with a body racked with disease and corruption, imagine what He could do with anything in your life–relationships, jobs, poverty, hopelessness.

If Jesus could raise the dead, heal blind eyes, and cast out demons, He can renew anything in your life that is broken and lost. If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes. (Mk 9:23)

Now here comes the tricky part. When you look at that impossible situation, can you believe it to be restored, fixed, or resurrected? Can you believe? You don’t have to know how it will be done, but can you believe that Jesus has the power to do it? Can you believe that the dead thing that you lost can be restored?

If you can, then you  have won. Faith is believing in what you can’t see. Faith is believing in something absolutely impossible. Faith is understanding that the realm we see with our eyes is below a higher realm of the supernatural that we can’t see. Once you realize that, you can believe for anything. Don’t be talked out of it. Hold your faith no matter what others say.

Impossible things happen all the time when Jesus touches them.


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