Desiring To Pray Like Jesus Prayed

We can pray like Jesus prayed.

How amazing to pray like Jesus prayed.

What do you think it was like when Jesus went off by himself at night to pray? He was separated from His Father in heaven, so those times must have been sweet hours of reunion. I wonder if the mount of transfiguration was a regular occurrence for Him. Did people He knew from heaven come to Him often?

It really makes me wonder what our prayer time could really be like. I wonder if what Jesus experienced shouldn’t be something we all do. What was it that Jesus did to commune with God like that? He did not come to earth as the Son of God, He came as the Son of Man, setting aside His own authority. That means we can do what He did.

Imagine going to God in prayer and seeing all of heaven open up to you. Imagine being so filled with the presence of God that your face shines like Moses’ when He came off the mountain. You would change the atmosphere in the room when you carry that presence.

I think we short change ourselves by not going after what Jesus showed us to do. There is so much more to our relationship with God if we spend our hearts on Him. So much more.


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