Don’t Be Caught On The Sidelines : There’s Water To Walk On

walk on waterWhy was Peter the only one to hop out of the boat and walk on water? We don’t need to go into what happened next. The point is, he walked on water! What were the other guys doing? Watching him. They were scared. They didn’t believe. They weren’t willing to try it. They missed out.

Are you watching from the sidelines? Are you thinking: I have a job and a family, I go to church, I read my Bible, that’s good for me? No need to change the world? No need to release the kingdom?

Sitting on the sidelines is dangerous. Jesus was pretty cross with the Church of the Laodiceans. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. (Rev 3:) I’m guessing that God is calling you to do something, anything. You may not be responding because you haven’t learned to hear His voice. Or maybe you know exactly what He wants, but you don’t want to do it. Either way… dangerous.

What have you got to lose? I shudder to think. What have you got to gain? Peter walked on water! No one else did. You haven’t been called to the kingdom to do nothing. Time to get before God and find out what He wants. Don’t be scared. It will be awesome once you trust Him.

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