Have You Stopped Hearing God? Time To Be A Sponge

I heard a great teaching recently that I had to pass on. Why is it that sometimes we feel so dry spiritually? We remember the times of joy and refreshment and wonder what happened? Where did God go?

spongeHe’s still there, but He’s changing you. Think of your spirit like a sponge. When it absorbs all it can, there’s no more room for anything else. You need to dry out a bit so God can refill you with new revelation. You’ll be able to absorb more after a time of quiet.

I think it sometimes gets hard to hear God when He wants us to come closer. We’ve learned what we needed to on the level we’re at. Now He wants us to step up higher, closer to His throne. We have to press in more and listen with our heart for the gentle encouraging He gives us.

Don’t allow the enemy to lie about the quiet times. He wants you to think you’ve done something wrong, that God is mad at you. No, no, no, no! Rebuke that lie and don’t believe it. God is and will always be madly in love with you. Let those times of quiet do the work its meant to and you’ll find God in great, new, and wonderful ways.

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