Love Radically. Start Now. Change The World

Love radicallyYour goal for the day should be to live 1 Corinthians 13. Go there now and read it. If God is everything in your life and you can live in love, then there’s nothing that God won’t do for you. Can you do it? You’d better, because that is what Jesus called us to do. It’s not an option. ¬†We don’t get to cop-out because of personality issues.

Love is the foundation for everything in the kingdom. Love like God loves, not the world. Love in worldly terms is selfish. It’s about how I feel. Love in God’s terms is giving. It’s about how other’s feel. It would be a good idea to read 1 Corinthians 13 every day. Memorize it. Get it into your spirit. Know where your weaknesses are and ask God to help.

Pursue love. (1Cor 14:1) Chase it down. Be who you are called to be in the kingdom. If you can live in radical love, you can change the world. You can call down heaven and heaven will come. Love completely, totally, sold-out. Stop judging. Stop complaining. Stop waiting for what’s yours.

The kingdom of God is backward. You get everything you need when you give. Love through the hurt. Let the peace of God cover up the rough spots. You can never go wrong when you love. It may not be received well, but God sees.

Let the love begin and see what happens next.

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