Pursue Love, It’s A Moving Target

Learn to love as God loves.I Corinthians 13 makes is very clear that if love is not our motivation for everything, then all our efforts are in vain. Even if signs and wonders follow after us, we can still have the wrong attitude. Love must come first — before wisdom, before giving, before sacrifice. Why are we giving? Because we love the person in need. Why are we meeting with other believers? Because we love them.

What if you don’t? It’s a fair question, because love for other people outside our intimate circle does not come naturally. We may feel concern, but that’s not the same as love. What if that tank is really, truly dry? We go to God.

We’re told to pursue love. (I Cor 14:1), We’re told that because God knows that it’s not natural for us. And it’s not easy to attain. That’s why we have to pursue it. Pursuit implies that we have a moving target. We have to keep going after it. Once we grab a hold of it, we get a little bit. Keep pursuing. Get more.

All of the aspect of God are available to us, but they don’t just download completely when we ask. We have to want it and keep wanting it. Pursue love until you get it. Until all your motivations are driving by a desire to bless and love. Pursue more. Let love change your life. Let it open doors to heaven that you never even knew about. It’s the foundation of the kingdom, the very essence of everything that we do.

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