Where Do You Hear God?

Where do you hear God?Where do you hear God? It’s a serious question, because if you don’t hear God, then you don’t know Him. If you are depending on hearing about God at church, or from some other ministry, then you are not in relationship, and that’s what salvation is all about. Jesus said, depart from Me I never knew you. (Matt 7:22-24) Who was He talking about? People who were not in relationship with Him.

You can hear Him anywhere when you set yourself to listen, but there should be a special place where you meet with Him everyday. Some people do prayer walks. They’ll admit that if they sit down to pray, they’ll fall asleep. It’s a fair observation. Other people need to sit and journal. How ever you do it, it needs to be private. You may have prayer time with a spouse or children or friends, but that’s different from the time you spend alone with God.

If you’ve never developed that prayer time, do it today. Start by repenting for not spending the time with Him that you should have. I don’t mean to guilt anyone by this. It shouldn’t be a guilt trip, but it should be honest.

Father, forgive me for ignoring you. Help me to hear Your voice. Help me to listen to You and know that You are directing my life. Teach me to spend the time that You want with me so I’ll grow strong in Your Spirit.

Read some scripture. Listen with your heart. When you ask Him a question, He’ll answer. Just be still and know that He is God. Your relationship with Him is a journey and it starts right now.


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