What To Do When You Stop Hearing God

Knowing God's WillWouldn’t it be great if God sent an angel to us everyday with our instructions for the day? It would make life so much easier without the guess-work. Instead, we’re left to work it out on our own. Sometimes we get a very clear direction for where to go and what to do. Those times great. But along the way, roadblocks can pop up. Our plans don’t work out the way we thought they would. Discouragement can set in.

When that happens, it feels like the phone line to heaven has been dropped. What are we supposed to do? We really wish that angel would come with instructions. But God did give instructions. What was the last thing you know He said? Go back to that and do it.

God will bless a decision to honor His will, whether it’s right on or not. He’s not required to bless a decision made out of rebellion because we don’t like the timing. The roadblocks may pop up, but keep on with what you know to do. Honor the word that you know you got and let Him work it out. Life gets messy, but God will bless your faith to trust Him.

Carry on. You’re closer to your goal than you think.

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