Don’t Let Detours On Your Road To Promise Discourage You

Don't let detours discourage you.

Don’t let detours discourage you.

God gave Joseph an awesome promise of promotion, and then sent him to prison. That’s the thing with promises, you never really know how to expect them. Joseph had an excellent character and continued to trust God, despite what appeared to be a dramatic reversal of what God said He would do.

This is a smart thing to remember. You do not know the road you need to follow to get where God intends you to be. If there is a time of “prison” in-between where you are today and where you hope to be, then so be it.

Your good character and willingness to live humbly will open the exact doors that you need to have opened. Don’t be discouraged by where you find yourself, especially if it’s nowhere near where you think you should be.

Trust God. He could have moved Joseph into the king’s palace all kinds of ways, but He chose the route through prison. You have to allow God to move you with the same trust. The people and connections you make along the way may be important. The circumstances may shape you in a way that you need.

Keep your eyes on your hope and keep your faith. God knows exactly where you are and where you are going.


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