Be Faithful With What You’ve Been Given As You Wait For Breakthrough

Bloom where you've been planted.

Bloom where you’ve been planted.

It’s sad that very few people feel fulfilled in their work. Part of that is because not everyone is brave enough to dream big and trust God. There’s another group that is trusting God and still waiting to see breakthrough. I understand. It can feel an awful lot like Joseph working diligently in prison for all those years waiting to be released.

You know what got Joseph out of prison? His faithfulness while he was still in there. He didn’t give up when he was thrown in with criminals. He kept his integrity and honor. He was faithful in the small things and God blessed him for that.

No matter what you have to do for your job, or your position in life, don’t be discouraged as you wait for what you’ve asked God for. Be faithful. Bless those you work with. Go the extra mile. Be the one everyone talks about being so amazing. Pray everyday that God be with you with wisdom and understanding so you do your work with excellence.

You’ve been planted in that place for a reason. Blossom and grow where you been planted. When the time is right, God will transplant you somewhere new. Until then, be faithful and full of grace. As God shapes you, you are effecting everyone around you.

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