The Holy Spirit Is Here To Help, You’ll Love It

The Holy Spirit is here to help.

The Holy Spirit is here to help.

When the Holy Spirit calls Himself our Helper, He means it. I don’t know why we assume that so much of what God says is just FYI, as if we don’t really need it. It would be amazing if we took God at His word. The Holy Spirit really is our helper, and connecting with that help will get you through the day on a whole different level.

First, you have to know that you have the Holy Spirit in your life. That comes when you ask Jesus into your heart. There is a baptism, or in-filling of the Holy Spirit to activate His presence. (Acts 8:15-17) Ask God for it, and be very persistent about it.

When you pray, quiet your spirit and listen for God to talk back. I guarantee that He wants to talk to you. Once you know that you hear Him, pay attention to what that feels like. When He speaks to you during your day, you’ll recognize that feeling and pay attention to it.

That feeling came to me today while working on an important project at work. I thought I was done, but I felt the Holy Spirit tugging at me. Something wasn’t right. I went back and checked again, and He was right! I was so grateful for that check.

Get connected with the Holy Spirit. He’s there to help.

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