Don’t Get Too Comfortable

how can I trust GodIt is human nature to want to protect ourselves. It would be unhealthy not to. But as Christians, protecting ourselves is actually deadly.

If your world is comfy, if you go to church, sing the songs, listen politely, smile, shake hands, and go home, you should have stayed in bed. You may have so padded yourself with ritual and distance, that God couldn’t get through without C-4.

We need to hear Him, because when we do, He will put His finger on the exact area of our life that needs to change. If we’re too comfortable, nothing changes, and that’s where it gets deadly. When we stop needing Him, we are in danger of denying our need for salvation.

God likes it when we step out of our comfort zone because we are forced to trust Him completely. That’s when He gets to show Himself. That’s when those around you, who need Him, can see who He is. Your comfort zone doesn’t just affect you, it affects your family, friends and coworkers.

Peter made a leap and landed on the water. That never would have happened if He didn’t take Jesus at His word. Don’t be afraid of getting out to the boat. Miracles are waiting for you to give them life, and that only happens when you step out of your comfort zone.


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