There’s No God In That Box Anyway

with God all things are possibleIt’s so tempting to pray and believe that God will do a certain thing. We have it all mapped out–what He should do and when He should do it. We are awesome in our prayer. And God chuckles at us.

We put Him in a box and agree that He can do what we think He can do, and that’s not all that much. It’s just not human nature to believe that He can do anything He wants. But God can break the laws of physics because He wrote them. He can make the sun stand still and He can change a human heart and He can make cancer disappear.

We are so one dimensional  If we can’t see another way to make things happen, we assume that there is no other way. We are the created ones, He is the one with all the power. We forget that God is wild with possibilities. With God ALL things are possible. (Mat 19:26)

It gets really fun when you stop asking God for what you want Him to do and start asking Him for what He wants to do. Can you throw your box away and start believing in the God who created the universe with His voice? Let Him be God and watch what happens next.


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