Casting Out The Spirit Of Stupid

promises GodYou know what happens when you read God’s promises of faithfulness and provision? You find yourself in a place where He wants to prove Himself to you. You just read what He will do, now will you trust Him?

It’s remarkable to me that I can agree with His word, but deny His power. I actually think that I am trusting Him when I’m not at all. Even then, I can justify not trusting Him because I say that I’m being wise in my decisions.

I thank God that He continues to woo me to Him, to take Him at His word. Suddenly I see how stupid it is to not let Him take care of the situation. Who am I kidding? I repent of holding onto fear and cast out the spirit of stupid. I confess my sin to God and receive His grace. By holding onto fear, I actually prevent God from blessing me the way I’ve been asking Him to.

There’s freedom in letting go. There’s freedom in leaping into His arms and knowing that He has really big arms. He will catch you can set you down in a place that is new and wonderful. Don’t hold onto fear. Fear is not of God. Blessing and provision and grace are of God. He wants us to live in the joy of our salvation. Repent, and go for it!


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