Faith Is Just A Reminder Of Who God Is

Faith is just a reminder of who God is.We all need to grow in faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. It is impossible to thrive in the kingdom. We’ve all been given a measure of faith, but how do we grow it?

Faith is just a reminder of who God is.

Is He omnipotent? Yes. He is all-powerful and fully, completely, and happily able to do anything we ask.

Is He kind? Yes. His heart is soft toward us. He wants to be a Father to us to meet all our needs and bless us.

Is He loving? Yes! It is His desire that no one be lost. He wants to see everyone saved. Everyone.

Is He faithful? Yes. He promises to be with us always. He will never leave us alone. Ever.

Is His word true? Yes. His promises are true. Is is God and cannot lie. Satan is the liar, not God.

Is He generous? Yes. He is the God of abundance. His blessings are full up, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

When we remember how big, kind, loving, powerful, and good that God is, faith comes naturally. Of course He can and will do what we ask. It’s who He is. Put that first in your mind and believe Him to be who He says He is, and expect amazing things to happen when He proves Himself.


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