Will You Be Brave Enough Walk In Blessing?

Be ready to do things out of the box.Sometimes we have an odd response to blessing — we don’t want to receive it. We’re like an animal that has lived in a cage for a long time. When the cage door is opened to to freedom, the animal doesn’t know what to do. The cage is familiar and safe.

We have a calling on our lives to do amazing work in the kingdom. But we have to get past our own self-defeating limitations and step out with God. It takes trust that He will back us up when we need Him to.

You can’t walk on water until you get out of the boat. It’s crazy to think about, but miracles are like that. Let go of what you have to control and trust God to open doors for you. And when the doors open, go out! Yes, the familiar feels safer, but the blessing of obedience brings amazing opportunity.

Ask God if you’ve been holding back. Ask Him what He wants to do for you. Ask Him for faith to follow Him where ever He leads. Then enjoy. It’s going to be awesome.


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