The Benefits Of Praising God

Why we need to praise God.Our Western culture is not used to the concept of praising God. It sounds like anyone who demands praise is ego-centric. It’s hard to wrap our heads around God asking us to do that. But not only is He justified, He is God after all, there are other reasons for doing it.

When we tell God how great He is, we are reminded of His power. Are there issues in your life that you need a miracle for? Your powerful God is able to be everything that you need. As we praise Him, we are filled with the awareness of His greatness, and suddenly our pressing need doesn’t sound very scary at all.

When we tell Go how beautiful and amazing He is, we begin to see His finger everywhere. We look at sunsets, flowers, a baby’s giggle and know that our amazing God has been at work. Everything that is beautiful is touched by Him.

Our praise to Him actually fills us with a greater understanding of Him. He promised to meet every need and give us joy. That comes from our awareness of who He is. The next time you are in a position to really praise God, pay attention to what He is giving back to you. It will make you praise Him more.


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