You Don’t Need A Reason To Praise God — He Is Good All The Time

God is good, all the time.

God is good, all the time.

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, God is good. When wonderful things come your way, God is good. When everything blows up, God is still good. Our circumstances don’t change His nature. And that’s very comforting, because we know that no matter what, He will always be good.

It’s not always easy to see His goodness in the middle of a big, hairy problem, but it’s still true. It takes effort on our part to rise up above the issues and continue to bless Him. Very often, that alone will send the answers we need.

Rain or shine, God is good and we bless His name because He is God. He deserves our praise despite how we feel. He’s that good! Even when we create our own problems, if we give them over to Him and trust Him, we can relax because we know He will work it out.

That ability to relax no matter what is a tremendous blessing to us, so we praise Him for His kindness, His goodness, and His constant love for us, even when there are bills to pay and kids with runny noses. Give the stress to Him and let Him show you His goodness. Rest in Him and bless His name. He’s there for you.


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