Don’t Allow Fear To Manipulate Your Life–Fear Not!

Fear not, live in peace.

Fear not, live in peace.

Fear is insidious. I hate it. It sneaks in to make you nervous and anxious when you could be perfectly calm and at ease. Are you running late? How does that make you feel? Panicked? That’s fear. Are you facing a deadline, a report, a major inspection? Feeling a little scared? Feeling a lot scared? That’s fear.

We are told over and over again to “fear not” in the scriptures. That includes all the nervous, anxious, panicked, worried, and everything to do with being terrified feelings. It is the enemy’s favorite weapon because it’s so effective against us. We fall for it every time.

If we are to truly live without fear, then we have start believing that God has us covered. He is our shield and protector, as long as we put ourselves under His protection. The minute you recognize that you are worrying, or anxious, confess it and claim the peace of God for your life. You’ll feel it settle over your spirit and you can relax.

Even when you make a mistake and have to face the consequences, give it to God. He said to fear not, so He’ll work it out. He’s the best backup in the world. And life is so much nicer when you live in peace.


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