Ask God How You Can Change The World Today

You are responsible for being light to the world.

You are responsible for being light to the world.

Be the light in someone’s life. You know who. It may be the person who drives you crazy at work. The cranky neighbor. The old woman who collects aluminum cans from the garbage. There is someone you can reach out to and bless.

Don’t make them a project. No one wants pity or condescension. Be genuine. See them the way God sees them. He loves them wildly and died for them. Reach out in love. It may take work. It may take asking God to help you change your attitude. Ask Him to show you why that person may rub you the wrong way, or why they act the way they do.

Everyone needs Jesus. Everyone. And you are right there with Jesus in your heart, so you’re the one to reach out. You are a missionary and your life is your mission field. Everything you do and everyone you touch as the capacity of being blessed by God.

Ask God for inspiration and revelation. What does He want you do? What can you do in your life that will release the kingdom of God? There is so much good that can be released and so many people need to feel it. Don’t be shy. Let God be God.


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