God Is Making You Into What You Need To Be For Your Destiny

God is working in you for your destiny.

God is working in you for your destiny.

How amazing it would be if we lived our lives “on earth as it is in heaven”. God sees us so differently than we see ourselves. He sees us through the blood of Christ without imperfection. We are perfect. He sees the destiny that He planned for each one of us.

That destiny can be ours, but we have to be willing to submit ourselves to Him to make it happen. Where we are today, who we are today is probably a long way from what that destiny looks like.

What will He need to do in us to make us into what we are called to be? We’ll have to be changed. Change usually hurts! We hate it. But when we stop and consider that we are being transformed, it’s easier to accept.

Whatever God has planned for you is going to be awesome, because He knows your heart’s desire, your gifts, and talents, so whatever it takes to get you to your destiny will be worth it. Trust Him. What you are going through now may not make sense to you, but it may have great value in shaping you for what you will become.


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