Is Your Faith Worth Holding On To?

What does your faith do for you?

What does your faith do for you?

What is the reality of your faith? Is it a set of rules that keep you from doing bad things? Is it an obligation you fulfill for your mother/spouse/friend? Is it a tradition or ritual that you automatically follow? Does it do anything for you? Seriously think about this. If what you believe as a core value does not actually affect your life, then be honest.

Your faith should lead you straight to the heart of God. Living in the kingdom of God should change you profoundly. It should heal you of physical and emotional wounds. It should fill your life with blessing and the power of God to heal and bless others.

Your relationship with God should be two-way. You should talk to Him and He should talk to you. It’s all God’s great plan to have a people of relationship so He can be intimate in our lives. He’s here to give us hope and destiny for our future and practical help for our needs today.

If you are not actually living in the kingdom of God, you can. Ask Jesus to be your Savior. Confess your sins to Him and ask Him to fill you with His Spirit. Then listen with your heart when you pray. He has so much to do for you. This is a faith that can give meaning to your life.


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