Don’t Let Your Expectations Ruin God’s Plans For You

No one understood who Jesus was or what He was up to until after His resurrection. The disciples tried to understand, but clearly didn’t. The Romans mocked Him by calling Him King of the Jews. Even the Jews expected a king who would return them to the glory days of Solomon. John the Baptist knew the Christ was coming, but wasn’t sure what He would look like. As anointed as John was, he didn’t expect Jesus to be so low key. No one expected a humble servant King.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, not your expectations.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, not your expectations.

It’s a problem when we set up expectations that God has not. His ways are so much higher than our ways. His ideas are vast and creative. If we try to organize Him into our thinking, then we’ll never see who He really is.

Don’t miss your blessing through expectation. You may have a dream in your heart of “x”. That’s fine. God can bless it and make it “X”, but only if you let Him get you there His way. The journey He needs to take you on is probably not one you would choose for yourself.

Don’t miss what God is doing for you because you weren’t looking for what He has planned. Keep your heart open and and content with Him, and He will be everything you need Him to be.


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