Fully Functional, Armed And Dangerous (In A Good Way)

The mature believer is a force to be reckoned with. She is strong in faith and a terror to the enemy. But it takes time and dedication to get there.

Jesus is always waiting to hear from you.

Jesus is always waiting to hear from you.

The first steps are quiet basic. You have to believe in Jesus as the Son of God. You have to confess your sins and accept that Jesus died for you so you can have forgiveness. That confess and acceptance will clean the slate, just like you never sinned at all. It doesn’t mean that you will never sin again, you will. That’s why we need to always be humble before God and not try to hide our sins from Him, but be open and allow Him to forgive us.

Now we must stop thinking and acting like we did before. Any fear that we used to carry around with us has to go. Any anger, frustration, bitterness, jealousy — basically any bad attitudes that don’t belong to Jesus don’t belong to you. Give them up. Ask Jesus to take them out of your heart. Ask Him to replace the bad stuff with His good stuff. Be filled with His Spirit and you’ll have His power to live as He wants you to.

After we have established our faith and let go of the old ways and embraced His new ways, we can begin to stand taller and look around the kingdom to see how He will use us. When you come to Christ and receive the Holy Spirit in your life, you become fully equipped with all manner of weapons and tools that He will use through you. You start to develop them by learning what they are. Reading the Bible voraciously and asking the Holy Spirit to teach you will ground you in His truth. Go to a church with strong teaching on the Holy Spirit and connect with other believers. Never go a day without having a heartfelt conversation with God. It’s in those times of intimate communion that will help you follow His leading in your life.

Trust Him. You have to trust Him. Once you start to stand tall in the kingdom, the enemy will try to take you down. Trust God to be your protection and provider. He’ll take care of you, because He promised that He would. But you have to trust Him.

Trust Him for other people, not just yourself. Go out on a limb and claim the impossible in full faith and watch God do a miracle. He’s awesome. Pray for healing. Pray for income. Pray for salvation. You begin to see places that need the touch of God because you’ve been put there to see them and do something about it.

The more you step out with God, the further He will take you. But be aware that you will never be completely mature. Some areas will be strong and other areas you will be learning. There will always be areas of learning. It keeps us humble, but the more we learn, the more He can use us. He’s just waiting for you to get on board, because there’s a lot of territory to claim for the kingdom and He needs you to do it.


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