Sin Habits Can Be Broken If You Allow God To Change You

The awesome part of our new life in Christ is that our old sin nature is dead! Whoo-hoo! That doesn’t mean that we automatically stop sinning, because we are still human. We will still mess up. But it also means that we don’t have a sin nature anymore. We may have a sin habit and habits can be broken.

Paul said that we die daily. (1Cor 15:31) But that should not be our focus. Our focus should be to live for Christ. If we live for Him, we die to ourselves. The more we press in to allow the Holy Spirit to mold us and mature us, the more those old habits start to fall away. We replace them with the good aspects of God.

Life in the kingdom requires change. If we are not being changed, then our position in the kingdom is questionable. It means that we’re not listening to God and allowing Him to do what He needs to do in us. We need Him to do that. That’s how the bad habits get broken. If we continue to live as we used to, then His sacrifice for us meant nothing.

If you haven’t begun your transformation yet, then today is the day. Give yourself to Jesus and live.


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