Exchange A Problem Area In Your Life For A Shiny, New Blessing

Give God that areas you know you need help in.

Give God that areas you know you need help in.

The amazing thing about God’s love is that He loves us warts and all. We all have problem areas — those places where we find it hard to maintain our grace. For me, it’s customer services lines that aren’t helping me at all. I try so hard to stay cool, calm, and collected, but then the phone tree, and being put on hold, and then not being helped saps all the patience right out of me.

I know I need God to change my heart when I get impatient, so I give it over to Him. I ask Him to forgive me if I get irritable with the poor soul on the other end. I ask Him to change me to give grace instead. And when I know I’m about to make a challenging phone call, I pray for help.

I’m happy to say that, though I have not made a complete transformation, I have gotten better. I have more patience than I used to have and customer service people all over the world are happy for it.

You know where you need help. Give it to God and let Him exchange a problem for a blessing. Everyone will be happy you did.


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