Have Your Devotions Slipped? Other People Can Tell

It’s a sad reality of humanity that we are inconsistent in our actions and desires. The reason we need each other is to help keep us on track. We forget that we have an enemy working against us and trying to pull us away all the time. We may start well, but without constant vigilance, we can stray from our goals without even being aware of it.

Your prayer time fills you with all what you need.

Your prayer time fills you with all what you need.

I notice that I’ve strayed off of my devotions to God when I start losing my patience. I startle myself because I want God to be honored in what I do, and losing my patience does not honor Him. When that happens, I know to backtrack and see where the trouble started. It usually comes from me being busy and cutting my prayer time down or missing it completely.

Oh how important that time with God is. I need His refreshing daily, like manna, or my spirit will grow cold. And it happens so fast! But all I have to do is repent humbly and ask His forgiveness. I feel His pleasure immediately, and I ask Him to release His goodness in me so I will bless and not hurt, like the prayer of Jabez.

Never miss your communion time with God. You’re not the only one who will notice if you don’t.


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