God Has Blessed In The Past And He Will Do It Again

Count your blessings and thank GodYou’ve heard the quote: “I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet.” We need to learn to be thankful. God is always gracious and kind to us, but we forget so easily. One day we’re happy to be blessed, and the next day we’re grumbling because something didn’t go right.

We all do it, so we need to encourage each other to remember how very blessed we are. Count your blessings. Remember that song? What a good idea. Go back and look at all the things you know God has done for you. Thank Him for it. Use that testimony to encourage someone else.

Just remembering your blessings will give you faith to trust God for the things you face today. He is always faithful. If He helped you in the past, He will do it again. All He wants is your faith.

Don’t let discouragement win. God is good. He is always good, and will be there for you again and again.


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