Everyone Has A Past — Jesus Takes It Away

Jesus takes away your pastIf you’ve been Facebook at all, you’ve seen those personality quizzes that have gone almost viral. I tend to not pay attention to them, but I got curious about the Which Bible Character Are You? I bit. But I wasn’t happy with the character I was given: Mary Magdalene. The description said, You are someone with a past. It went on to describe what a true and steadfast friend I was, etc.

But I didn’t like the inference that I had a “past”. Then I started to think about it. Of course I had a “past”. We all do. Mary Magdalene’s past may have been notorious, but sin is sin. My sin before I was saved still kept me from God. There is no righteous sin. We are all saved by grace.

Humility is a difficult lesson, but one that is a good to learn. What ever our past is, the blood of Jesus washes us clean. We are all in the same boat with the same needs for salvation. Once we start looking down our nose at other people, we forget our own need.

Mary Magdalene loved Jesus. I’m happy to be like her.


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