Deeper Faith Means That Things Have To Change

Be ready to do things out of the box.

Be ready to do things out of the box.

If you want to grow in faith, to know God more, to have a deeper relationship with Him, something will have to change. You can’t have a different experience doing the same thing you’ve been doing. The problem is, most of us hate change. We’re very, very comfortable with what we know. We like our schedules and set agendas.

But God tends to work outside of our schedules and set agendas. In fact, He loves to shake us up as much as possible. When we rely on what we already know, we stop turning to Him. That’s the kiss of death right there. Complacency will always lead away from God.

But even if we’re not complacent, even when we are pressing into Him and still want more, we have to be willing to do things differently. Maybe it’s how we pray. Maybe it’s something about how we read the Word or worship. Ask God what He wants from you. Listen with your heart. Feel His nudging. He wants more of you. He wants as much as you’ll give Him, so He definitely knows how to get you closer.

Change for the sake of change doesn’t mean much. But if you want more of God, be ready to do things differently. As some people have said, faith is spelled R I S K.


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