God Did Not Limit How Much Of His Spirit He Gave To Us

We have to stop making God into our own image. He is not limited in any capacity. He can do anything we ask, if we just believe. Because we are human, we tend to think of everything in terms of what we can do. We don’t always believe that God is capable of doing what He says He can, because we can’t conceive how that could happen. That’s because we’re human.

God is greater than any sinful or diseased condition that we can possibly imagine. Just remember that He is a great big God and we have little bitty problems. His Spirit in us is the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. God does not give the Spirit by measure. (John 3:34) That means that there is no limit to how much of His Spirit that He has given. He didn’t let us have a starter pack or limited time usage. His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness. (2Pet 1:3)

What will you do with that power that God gave you?

What will you do with that power that God gave you?

God not only provided a way of salvation, He provided everything that we need to live in the power of the Spirit of God Himself. You must choose to live in it, or you will not experience everything that has been given to you. You’ve been given a powerful sports car. Will you drive it, or just carry the keys around?

Living in the kingdom of God is an amazing, powerful, and delightful. And it’s yours to live if you want.


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