You Have The Power To Stop Living In Fear

Fear not, live in peace.

Fear not, live in peace.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2Tim 1:7) Isn’t that a fantastic verse! You have power and love and a sound mind if you are in Christ. Anything that does not fit that is not of God. Fear, anger, hate, disease are of the enemy. And don’t forget that you have power, so you can tell the enemy to take a hike and he has to go.

Far too many people live not knowing that the power to live in God’s peace is already in them. All they have to do is claim what is theirs. Love is theirs. Peace is theirs. A sound mind is theirs.

The spirit of fear can take a number of forms that make it look noble. We may call it concern. We may call it being responsible, but really we’re just afraid something might go wrong. Anything that is not trust in God is going to feel fearful because we have no certain faith in anything or anyone else but God.

If fear, anxiety, concern, or anything that makes you afraid is bothering you, tell it to go in Jesus’s name. You have the power to do it. God said so. Live free and in peace. That’s you right as a child of God.


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