God Is Not Afraid Of Your Questions

Don't loose your faith with all your questions.

Don’t loose your faith with all your questions.

Not everything in the Bible is going to make sense. There are a lot of things you just have to take on faith. Apparently, God doesn’t feel obligated to explain Himself to us. So where does that leave you when you just don’t understand everything? You ask.

Asking questions does not mean you don’t have faith, just don’t get hung up on the minutia. If you have to know every detail of creation, the millennial reign, and the apocalypse, then you’re not in faith at all. But if there are concerns that you have about the Bible, talk to someone you trust who you believe hears God. Listen with your heart. See if what they say feels true.

Read the Bible and ask God to clarify what you’re concerned about. It’s amazing how much He covers in His word. Put your question out there and be aware of all the ways He may answer. It may be through another person, a book, or a dream. It will usually confirm what you already thought because His truth is in you.

God is not afraid of ¬†your questions. He’s concerned that you let them alter your faith. In the end, somethings will never be fully explained for you, and if it does not conflict with your confession that Jesus is the Son of God who died for your sins, then let it go. Not everything is that important and it’s ok.


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