Serving “God” Without Jesus Is Pointless

There is no salvation without Jesus.

Jesus is the only path to God.

Let’s be clear–knowledge of God will not save your soul or change your life. If your faith is not centered around Jesus, then you have nothing. It is Jesus who died on the cross to make a gateway into heaven for you. It is His blood that covers our sins and heals us. It was His life that we should follow as our example and model.

Focusing your faith on “God” will get you into deep water you may not be able to get out of. “God” can be described and revered by all kinds of false religions and beliefs. To place all your devotion to “God” is to nullify the great gift of salvation that Jesus died for.

Yes, our hearts should long for God our Father, but only through the blood of Christ. Any other path will lead to death. No other name but Jesus can save, heal, and deliver. If we do not honor the Son as Savior and Lord, then we do not have the salvation we think we have.

Jesus is the Son of God, Savior, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is our advocate before the Father and a loving Shepherd. Find Him and you will find your heart’s desire.

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