Breakthroughs Come From Serving Others

God asks us to be selfless, not self-centered.

Loving others will bring breakthrough where you need it.

A great way to see answered prayer in specific areas is to pray for other people needing the same thing. Do you need a breakthrough in finances? Pray for breakthrough in other people. Give out of what you have to others in need. Looking for a husband? Pray for a friend in the same situation.

When we stop focusing on our own needs and look to bless others, we open doors in heaven to what we’ve been waiting for. The kingdom of God is all about being the body and family. It’s not a self-centered relationship with God.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, the meek, the peacemakers. Give and it will be given to you. This all speaks of serving others and putting others first. If you loved your neighbor as yourself, then you would pray for her and bless her just as you need and want to be blessed.

When we live with that mentality of selfless giving, God promises to be all that we need Him to be. Jesus said the first great commandment was to love God first. The second was to love others. In a culture that idolizes self achievement, this is hard to do. Only through the Spirit of God can you live as He wants you to. Love God first and He will fill you with all you need to loves others as yourself.

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