Has God Changed For You Over Time?

You are meant to grow in faith.

God promises to be all that you need Him to be, if you let Him.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the same God who parted the Red Sea. The same God who walked on water. He is as powerful now as He ever was. He is God. But He should not be the same to you today as He was when you first met Him. He should be more.

If all you know about God is what you prayed when you came into the faith, then you have a lot to learn. He is more than Savior. He is Provider, Healer, Comforter, Prince of Peace, Wisdom, Grace, Mercy, and Love. He is what you need for every area of your life.

You are not meant to be static in your faith. We are “born again” into salvation. By definition then, we need to grow up. You faith must be tested so you learn all the aspects of God that you need for your life. Is money tight? Trust Him to be Provider. Do you need healing? Trust Him to heal. Are you facing difficult challenges? Trust Him to be Wisdom for you.

God’s love for you is so great that He promises to meet every need if you let Him. You will suffer if you don’t, because you can’t do what He can do and He will do so much more than you asked.

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