Just Not Sure About God

Trusting God to be true.

It’s time to ask the big questions about God.

Why is it that we just don’t take God at His word? If we believe in Him at all, then we have to believe Him for what He says about Himself, not what we decide about Him. If He truly is the God of the universe, who loved us enough to give humanity a second chance by making a way for us to live with Him, then He really is able to do every single thing that He said He would. How is it that we pick and choose what we think He will or will not do? Will He work things out when we need Him to or not? He said not to worry about what we eat or wear or where we live, that He would provide everything. So why do we stress about so many things? Where do we get the idea that He’s weak and can only do certain things? Oh, that’s right, the devil is a big, fat, liar.

We’ve got to start recognizing the lie for what it is. The devil and God are not equal. The devil is a created being and God is God. Spend some quiet time and ask God what lie you are believing about Him. If you don’t believe that He is who He says He is, or you can’t take Him at His word, then you are believing the lie and need to repent, immediately. Start reading the Bible for what it is, truth. It will change your faith and change your life.


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