Gotta Love Stinky Feet

Humility isn’t pretty work.

The matter of dirty feet is a big issue. First of all, Jesus said that we need to do what He did, wash the feet of others. We need to be servants, with humility doing for others what we probably don’t want to do. Think about it – putting your hands on dirty, smelly feet. It’s obedience to the higher power of love.

Secondly, it’s not easy to have your feet washed. It’s hard to see someone else do for you what you know they wouldn’t do outside of loving ministry. Our first reaction is like Peter, not my feet! But Jesus said, If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me.” (Jhn 13:8) There is humility in accepting being served. It means setting aside our need to do everything ourselves. Being touched by others, by what ever means of service, is a bonding of the church body. It’s almost like prayer. It’s a voice of God speaking to the inner need inside us that wants to be recognized and included.

Humbling ourselves to serve others is the very heart of what Jesus taught and it’s probably the hardest lesson to learn. Allow yourself to be tender-hearted and see where you can practice some foot washing.


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