Look To Other Miracles For The Faith You Need

Trust God for your impossible things.Can you believe for the impossible things in your life? It’s easy to trust God when we think we know what He will do. (We usually are wrong.) But when the impossible situation stares us in the face, it’s hard to believe for what you can’t see.

Peter climbed out of the boat onto the water because He could see Jesus standing on the waves. He may not have climbed out otherwise. So you need to set your eyes on what has already be done to give you the faith that you need. Look to the Bible.

Every miracle that Jesus did is a miracle you can stand on. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He did it then, He can do it now. Maybe you’ve heard stories from missionaries, or others, about miracles happening. Use them to trust God for what you need. The testimonies of God are good for lifting us up and encouraging us.

Your impossible situation is not impossible with God. In fact, it’s easy for Him. Jesus said, According to your faith let it be so. So, the more you believe, the more miracles can happen. And how fun is that!


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