What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind?

What is the legacy that you will leave?

To live in the kingdom is to live in inheritance. We have the fullness of everything that God has given us, whether we chose to receive it or not. We are adopted into the family of God through the blood so our inheritance is sure.

But what do we do with it? If we accept the amazing blessing of being a child in the King’s house, we have more than enough to give away. God is a God of abundance. We’re not meant to hold onto what we’ve been given. We’re meant to live in community and family and bless each other.

We should be known for the blessings of God. We should leave a trail behind us of goodness, the fragrance of heaven. We should be helping the next generation to come into the kingdom and prepare them to take our place. The wisdom that we’ve learned needs to be passed on. Freely we’ve been given, freely we should give.

The legacy in the kingdom will look different on each one of us. Don’t try to be a copy of someone else. Be who you’ve been made to be and your legacy will be exactly as it should — a shining light to help others follow you to God.


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