More Of God Will Take Some Effort

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I love to hike. I love getting away and walking through trees and stopping to look at tiny flowers by the path. But I hate hills.
I hate the effort it takes to climb, even easy trails. But when I get to the top, the view is always amazing. It’s an aspect you can’t get any other way than making the effort.

God says, Come up higher. He’s calling us to a place we’ve never been, but it’s going to take some effort to get there, and it may not be easy. It may require change. In fact, it probably will. And we won’t like it. Generally we hate change when it’s not our idea.

But what we are called to is so much more than what we experience walking the easy path along with everyone else. Say yes and start to climb. Take a breath and go for it. Accept that the change will be uncomfortable, but there are reasons for it. Keep going. Just keep going.

And when you get to the top you’ll see what it was all about. How amazing is our God that He would lure us to a new place of awesomeness that we didn’t even know about. Oh God, help me keep climbing everyday to know You more!

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