You May Have To Climb To Find Your Destiny

what is destinyI live in California, so that means Palm trees grow everywhere–short fat ones and tall skinny ones. From time to time,  a squirrel climbs a very tall Palm tree in my neighbor’s yard.
It’s so tall and skinny that, unless you look up to see the shaggy branches, you’d think it was a telephone pole. I’m not sure what the squirrel thinks he’s going to find there, but it always amuses me.

But that squirrel may be on to something. Maybe there is something up there that he found once, so he goes back. One day, he decided to climb where no other squirrels were going. It didn’t bother him that no one went with him, and he ended up far higher than he’s mates to something only he knew about.

See where I’m going here? Don’t let other people hold you back from going forward, and upward, to a calling that only you will find. They may not be called to climb the Palm tree, you are. Yes, it’s very high, but you are not called to do anything that you are not equipped to do.

What are you sitting here for? Go climb your tree and see what’s up there. The first step to finding more is taking the first step.


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