Why Are Other People Blessed When They Don’t Believe In God?

Don't be concerned with other people's "blessing".

Don’t be concerned with other people’s “blessing”.

Why does it seem like some people are blessed when they don’t even believe in God? This is a dangerous question, because it assumes that money equals blessing. We see lots of rich people who do not honor God. That does not necessarily mean that God is blessing them.

Satan’s chief goal is to prevent us from trusting God. He will use every tactic available, including influencing economics. If he can make someone rich so they trust in their own resources, they’ll be less likely to trust God. I’m not saying that every rich person is influenced by Satan, but we are all attacked by the enemy to rob us of our faith.

Looking at the “blessings” of others when we feel left out is just a bad idea. You have no idea what’s going on the hearts of other people. Your goal should be to love God totally, regardless of your situation or that of other people. Put all that you have in God’s hands and let Him bless you with what is right for you. If you are looking at what someone else has, I’m certain that you are not trusting God in what He’s doing for you. If you were, it wouldn’t matter about what other people have or don’t have.

In the end, rich or poor, anyone who does not receive salvation and forgiveness through Jesus is going to hell. Their riches will do nothing for them. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Mat 6:21)


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1 thought on “Why Are Other People Blessed When They Don’t Believe In God?

  1. John

    My comment, as long as I understand I am not going to decide. It is god’s decision. It is said, a rich man has as much chance entering the gate as threading a camel through an eye of a needle. Besides, I have a conscious mind and with faith I walk with my beliefs.


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