Let Jesus Be Your Stunt Double–He Can Handle It

My last post about owning a Ferrari made me think about stunt doubles. I can imagine how terrifying it might be for an actor to look at a movie role where they are required to fall out of a building or crash a car. They’re probably not trained for that. But when they know there will be a stunt double doing those things, the role seems easy. The stunt double is trained and perfectly at ease doing dangerous things.

Let Jesus be your stunt double.

Let Jesus be your stunt double.

Our life in the kingdom is like working with Jesus as our stunt double. Does that sound bad? Think about it. He just wants us to connect with the people who need help, and He will do the power work that needs to be done. It makes our role easy.

It’s never about us anyway. We’re just the face, the hands, for God to work through. We don’t have to freak out or panic about doing what Jesus did, because He’s the one doing it anyway. And He’s always with us, so we don’t have to wonder if He’ll show up on time.

Start practicing with your stunt double and see how it works. Pray for people who need healing. Speak authority into a situation and release the power of God to save, heal, and deliver. Then watch Him do what He’s best at. It will be fun.


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