What Will You Do With The Power That God Gave You?

What will you do with the power that God gave you?┬áJesus described the kingdom of God in many ways, but when I think about it, it looks like a Ferrari. Once we come into the kingdom, we are filled with all the power and authority that Jesus had so we can do the things that He did. It’s just that we don’t recognize that we have it.

What will you do with that power that God gave you?

What will you do with that power that God gave you?

It’s like we have a big, beautiful Ferrari parked in the garage, yet we choose to walk to work, no matter how far it is. We walk because everyone around us is walking, so it seems normal. We’re not even aware that we own a Ferrari, even though the keys are in our pocket.

Some have come to know about their car and sit in it, wondering how to make it run. They dream of the day when they’ll back it out of the driveway and take off. And others are fully functional freeway drivers taking advantage of all that power.

There will be a day when you will stand before God and He will ask, what did you do with what I gave you? Where are the people who you healed and delivered from oppression? Show Me the mighty works that you did in My name. I gave you the keys to do it.

Ask God to help you be who you’ve been called to be. You’ve got everything you need already.


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