It’s Time To Start Living In God–It’s Time To Get Real

It's time to get real.

It’s time to get real.

It’s time to cross over. We can’t hold back any longer. God is compelling us to Himself. We have to go, to run to Him with open arms like a little child running to Daddy. The draw is too great to resist. His wooing is overwhelming. It’s time to get real.

Look, He is reaching out, ready to take hold of our hands as soon as we move toward Him. See His smile! The look in His eyes! He is God who loves us, who adores us. Who can resist His call?

It’s time to stop knowing about Him and start living in Him. It’s time to be who we’ve been called to be–children of the Most High God. The time for playing church is over. The time to love and be loved is now. It’s time to live in community with each other, in honor and respect and kindness.

Open up your heart, completely. You can’t hold anything back. He sees it all anyway, just give it to Him. Let Him pour in life and love and wonder. He is God who is amazing, powerful, and fun. Refuse and you lose everything — everything. Receive and live like you’ve never lived before. It’s time to be who you are meant to be. There’s a world to change.


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