Are There People You Think Could Never Be Saved?

Is there anyone you can think of who would never get saved? Think of the hardest case imaginable. A murderer? A rapist? What would it take to change that person to be clean inside and out? We may not know people with a history of criminal violence, but we all know people who would be likely candidates for being the last people ever to get saved.

The Power of God Delivers

The power of God changes lives.

Jesus ran into one of them in the country of the Gadarenes. The man living in the tombs was physically violent and out of his mind. He was scary and dangerous. And Jesus healed him. (Mark 5) The man was brought to his right mind and wanted to follow Jesus after that.

It just proves that there is no one immune to the touch of God. All it took was for that man to be in the presence of Jesus. Anyone you know can be saved, healed, and delivered in the same way when you bring the presence of Jesus with you. He’s still in the business of saving people.

Never give up on praying for people. There are some cases that may require pray and fasting and long years of faith, but it’s important to never give up. You are the key to heaven for them.


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