Our Bad Decisions Can Be Redeemed Through Grace

Our bad decisions can be be redeemed. I can’t help wondering what it would have been like if Moses had been allowed to enter the Promised Land. If the Israelites had believed Joshua and Caleb and gone straight in. If Saul had remained faithful to God. If Solomon had not followed after foreign women.

Let grace cover your bad decisions.

Let grace cover your bad decisions.

God allows us our own choices. He doesn’t strike us down when we make bad decisions, He just makes us live with the consequences. Thank goodness for His grace. Thank goodness that He forgives our worst mistakes and can redeem what had been lost. Nothing is impossible for Him.

But I also see how important our decisions are. How amazing God would be for us if we trusted Him. Ask Him to give you perspective on your life. Is there a place that you stopped believing Him? Do you need to go back and repent? It’s not too late. He can forgive and put you back on the right track if you let Him.

Don’t get to the end of your life and mourn lost opportunity. Allow God to be God for you today. Trust Him. Believe Him to be who He says He is. He’s waiting for someone to believe Him so He can do great and mighty things. Let it be you.


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