Let God’s Creativity Help You In Every Area Of Your Life

Let God show you His creativity.

Let God show you His creativity.

In the beginning, God created. It doesn’t say He ever stopped. He is the source of all creativity. He’d be a good one to turn to if you need help in that area. Imagine having God look over your shoulder and point out where you can do this or that better. Imagine having Him touch your work and giving it His extra special touch. Creativity is all apart of who He is, and He put Himself in you.

Learn to tap into that huge deposit. But remember, He’s not a light switch. You don’t snap your fingers and ask for help. Everything about God is about relationship. You draw from Him as you spend time with Him. That’s what communion is all about. It’s that heart to heart communication that binds you together.

So when you are faced with a creative challenge, go to Him with it. Talk about what you imagine and ask Him for His feedback. What would He like to do? It could be amazing! And don’t limit that input to art projects. God’s creativity can touch everything in your life from organizing your home to your ideas for the future. The Queen of Sheba was amazed at how Solomon’s servants were dressed because Solomon has insight into the creative aspect of heaven.

This could be fun! Let God show you what He’d like you to see and go with it.


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